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The Future for Conventions is Digital: DC Fandome A Breathe of Fresh Air for Comics

DC comics has had a tumultuous year, as the pandemic that has been looming overhead for the past 8 months, has drastically changed the comic and convention space. It feels like time has flown right past with so many changes in DC: a sell off to AT&T, parting ways with Diamond distributions and a major cut in staff happened--all in a few short months. All the while, announcing a 24 hour digital convention, DC Fandome which was being touted as an industry changing event. In that regard, DC COMICS and Warner Bros. delivered.


There was a full schedule, in three sections, of Q&A's, Games, Musical guests, Secret Panels, and FILM/TV Panels with the cast of upcoming projects and much more. But unlike other online conventions that have sprung up, this one was FREE to the public. All you had to do was click on a link and you were in. I didn't expect much, and maybe that was the best part because I don't think I could have planned the total joy that this convention brought me.Each panel highlighted the joy of community in a way I didn't realize I needed to see. Following along online, while watching the panels, created a sense of unity and togetherness needed during this wildly erratic day to day life we've been living. It must be noted and highly regarded at how this convention showcased and involved commentators, cosplayers, artists and super-fans. Also, the integration of the panel schedule engaging with mobile devices to send you notifications as the panel you were waiting on got closer so you wouldn't miss out was convenient and helpful.

Seeing the passion for DC Comics from the creatives at the helm, each displaying their part to play in DC's path going forward. Despite the lull in content, it is clear that we are about to experience a new-era for DC Comics when it comes to their productions for TV, Film, and Print for the next four years. Only time will tell, how many of these projects complete, but seeing passionate creators being given the reigns to create, along with a clear plan of story lines and crossovers; it's safe to say the future of DC is looking bright.

Update: Jim Lee announced Part 2 of DC Fandome coming 09/12

Stay Tuned for a Recap of the Trailers, Sneak Peeks and Top Takeaways from #DCFandome in the coming days.

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