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Veronique Medrano

“Innovative... not only a talented musician but also a scholar in Archives and Preservation... Blending her multicultural life experiences into her music, Medrano continues to celebrate her Mexican American heritage through her art and make an impact in the country music scene.

— Remezcla

Veronique Medrano

Multi-Hypenated Artist   

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Archivist/Preservationist Master's of Information Sciences from UNT w/ a focus in Music History 
    • Current Campagins:
      • Freddy Fender's Country Music Hall of Fame Campaign (2022)​
      • Women of Tejano: Past, Present and Future (2016)
      • Tejano Music History   
  • Host/Moderator
  • Radio & TV Personality
  • Actress (Voice & LIVE) ​
  • Writer
    • Comic book​
    • Novels & Poetry
    • Food Journalism 
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