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Women of Tejano: Highlighting the Legacy of Stefani Montiel

Women of Tejano: Spotify playlist showcases the women of the past and present making an impact on Tejano music; as well as the future NEW TALENT of mujeres in the industry. This month's cover artist is legacy act, Stefani Montiel.

Stefani Montiel has continued to release new Tejano fusions into the market and can be said to have really taken shape from her 2015 hit "Quien Quiere Shots". From that point on Stefani and her team have made a point to infuse Pop, EDM and Rock into Tejano and show the versatility of Stefani.

While working with Stefani Montiel during my speaker series "Women of Tejano: The Past, Present and Future", it was clear that there is more to the star than meets the eye. On top of being an artist, Stefani Montiel has made a point to create a more creative space in the Tejano music industry and has done the following:

  • Former Governor of the Texas Chapter of the Grammys,

  • Along with her husband (artist & producer) Gabriel Zavala the two have invested in new artists' in the industry such as: Savannah V

  • Inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame in 2013.

  • 3 Latin Grammy Nominations (Best Tejano Album)

  • 3 Grammy Nominations (Best Tejano Album)

These are the highlights of 30 years of awards and accolades garnered by Stefani Montiel and we suggest that you catch her at her high-energy performance during her Lone Star Nights 2023 Tour.

This playlist not only showcases Montiel's musical catalog, but also celebrates the future voices making their impact on the market of Tejano and honoring the music that founded the genre in a fun playlist that will let out your INNER CHINGONA. Featuring: Beatriz Gonzalez, Las Fenix, Isabel Marie, Savannah V, Shelly Lares and more.



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